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The Fiscal Analysis Center was created out of deep concern with the quality of fiscal analysis being done in Washington--not just by government agencies, but also by a variety of Washington think tanks and other research organizations, each of which appears to have a strong political agenda and produces "research" that somehow always conforms with that agenda. In addition, the method of fiscal analysis tends to be very far from the state-of-the-art set by academic public finance economists.

Boston University economics professor, Laurence Kotlikoff, is the Director and a Fellow of the Fiscal Analysis Center (FAC). Each of the FAC Fellows is a well established, highly respected fiscal expert dedicated to providing unbiased assessments of U.S. and foreign fiscal systems.

Individuals and organizations, whether for profit or not for profit and whether in the private or public sectors, sponsor individual studies of the Fiscal Analysis Center. These sponsors are disclosed on the studies they support. Those wishing to support the Fiscal Analysis Center or sponsor particular studies should contract Professor Kotlikoff at